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"Politicians" who only show up and ask for your vote only during an election year really isn't working for you or your family. My promise to you is that I will be around and visible. In fact...

1. I will hold regular district open-door hours. Yes, the State Capitol is where the business of the people happens (well, sometimes); but it can be cumbersome to get through security and and find accessible/inexpensive parking. I want to make it accessible for my constituents to have access to me.

2. In addition, I know that even those open-door hours may be difficult for some people. I get it. With the fast pace of our lives: job, a family, etc...I will knock doors even in a non-election year.

3. I will explain every vote so voters know where I stand. 

4. You will get a timely response from me.

5. You will receive a yearly report of what I am doing and the people we have helped. Many corporations have to submit an annual report to their Board of Directors. Well, I would view my constituents as that "Board."

6. I will do more listening than speaking. 

7. For every donation to my campaign, you will receive a handwritten "thank you" note from me.

8. When I am elected as your State Senator and when I travel on State business, I will post all receipts for my constituents to see. 

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